The Weird Story
If you take a look at the world we live in I think you might agree that it is somewhat out of control, one might say crazy. Somewhere in the world today there is probably a war going on. Someone is getting shot or tortured. And many people say "that is our nature, it can't change", and accepting that we merely continue with our barbarism. And in our daily lives we have our own "wars". The workplace is full of rank, authority and bullying. And there is the bullying that goes on in ones home in the family. We treat animals as if they were mere units of production.  If you look (and most people don't) you will find that we treat animals in an appalling way. Centuries from now we will probably be looked back upon in much the same light as we look upon slave societies. Our industries, like our overburdened populations, have the policy of continual growth which is impossible without destroying the Earth. And all of this is our inheritance to our children. Naturally there is no security for anyone.

My father took a look at this picture years back and decided there must be something wrong, so he looked at what was the main division in the world in his day which was the war between capitalist and communist thinking. Living in a capitalist world he decided to investigate the opposite, communism. So he studied Marx and found it interesting but unfortunately flawed (he had joined the communist party and they threw him out in the end for daring to exercise free speech and criticising Marx at a logical level). Ok Marx was onto something but was not quite right. Dig deeper... It turned out that in his younger formative years Marx was an ardent follower of a philosopher named Hegel. Hegel put forth an "Absolute Philosophy" which Marx applied to economics to produce his ideas. Only he decided that Hegel had got it wrong and had stood "Hegel on his head", so to speak.

On looking into Hegel my father decided he had hit bedrock. This was the power that had split the world into communist v capitalist sides in the first place. He started studying Hegel night and day, and would get back to us every so often saying "Eureka!" he'd understood something. His view was that while Hegel was a product of his times, nevertheless in his essential vision of an all encompassing absolute philosophy, he was right and it was Marx who needed turning on his head. He reached a point where he told me he had discovered "the key which opens every door". Meaning the key to all knowledge. However he had a problem. When he tried to pass on his ideas to anyone (including me) it seemed no-one could understand him.

His solution?

He applied the philosophy to the problem of how to communicate it and decided the best way to communicate the most difficult subject on Earth was to apply it to the most simple. The most simple, straightforward and uncomplicated subject on Earth was arithmetic. Not higher maths with its convoluted equations which no-one can understand, but simple arithmetic, that which we teach children, 1 + 1 = 2 and so on.

With this task in mind he became a bit of a hermit living in a little shack and finally after several years we heard the familiar "Eureka! I've got it" down the telephone line again. We were asked to visit and discuss his new views on arithmetic. Dutifully we turned up to his shambling cottage and became deluged with many hours of what seemed like crazy mathematical talk which led nowhere except to the conclusion that he was utterly and completely mad. This wasn't simple arithmetic, this was complete insanity. He had kid's blocks on the floor, entire wall charts describing how to add 1 plus 1, and kept saying things like "3 + 2 = 5" followed almost immediately by "3+2=0". We had almost given up on him and were horrified to think our dad had gone mad! However after many hours a tiny tiny glimmer of understanding dawned on me. And then it widened. Suddenly I realized he did indeed have a breakthrough! The more I looked at it the more amazed I got and the easier it became to understand him. Finally I got the picture that he had cracked open arithmetic at its most fundamental level. This went well beyond the understanding of number being taught to me by the university at the time. He was just really bad at communicating it! 

The reason it is so profound is because it deals with arithmetic, not higher maths. If you change the very foundations of a subject you effect everything that stands upon it. It seems a small thing to make the counting line circular, but that changes the way we view infinity and zero, and it therefore changes the way we interpret all the scientific equations and so on. One of the nuclear physicists working with Einstein said that we don't rely on "common sense" to  understand the world anymore, instead we go by our interpretations of the mathematical equations of physics. Now if the view of number is dramatically changed at this early level, so will the outcome of the interpretation of those equations! So we can predict some large changes in our theories of the universe after a group of children have grown up on a circular theory of number!

Perhaps just as important is the realization that number was not invented by clever mathematicians nor does it exist simply as a convenient tool to approximately describe things in the outside world. Let's just look for a moment at a number which we couldn't do without. You may never use the number 467,123,567 in your entire life, but there is a number that is absolutely indispensable. You may be thinking of the number "one" and you would be entirely correct. But even one step more primitive and therefore more fundamental and indispensable is zero. Why?

You can't think of any number without including zero in the background, because all number is measured from zero.  Three is "three steps above zero" just as "minus three" is three steps down from it. Zero is the measure of all number. If you have ever done algebra you may notice that most proofs eventually revolve around saying something is (or isn't, or can't be) zero (or one). Those two numbers are central in algebra and all higher maths.

Now I can point to an example of 3 things, 2 things and 1 thing very easily. I leave it as an exercise for the reader to point to merely zero things. (That's a joke!).

You can't point to zero things!

You can't point to zero things "out there" in the world because by definition zero indicates an absence. If you could succeed in pointing to it you would have failed! Yet every word has a meaning it points to. So what is the meaning of zero? It is the "nothing of number". You can't point to it "out there in the world outside you", which means it must owe its existence to being an idea "inside you"! It originates and exists in your mind! 

So the measure of all number exists within your own mind as an idea. That implies the entirety of number exists within your mind. Zero is the "nothing of number" (insignificant, non-existing) yet is equally "the measure of all number". Zero and number have originated in the human mind and yet they perfectly describe the external world. I hope you can appreciate the turn arounds!

Once zero and hence all number is seen as originating from within your own mind, you can then see that studying number is the same as self discovery. It is also studying yourself! The mind is like the human eye: it sees everything but is not itself seen. And it has produced arithmetic. That means that arithmetic can do more than build bridges and send rockets to the moon. By observing arithmetic, which is "the shadow the mind casts",  we may be able to discover how the mind itself really works.

The world is broken into so many factions and beneath it all, all the jealousies, rages and madness that eventually lead to war, sits our limited understanding of ourselves. Clearly if humanity is to survive (and it is equally clear that we could easily survive on this planet. We already have the technology to feed and clothe everyone, assuming we do not continue to abuse the world as we currently do) we need to understand the cause of the mischief in the world: which is ourselves.

At root the problems we have understanding the universe and the problems we have understanding our own human nature are one and the same. Currently we subscribe to a belief system in both science and math. They are as full of belief as any religion. Why do I say that? Because no-one (unless they use a circular theory of number) is able to generate a clear demonstration of "-2 x -3 = + 6". The lack of adequate demonstration of this fundamental fact upon which all higher math hinges is a clear demonstration that we do not understand arithmetic at its most basic level. We simply believe these fundamental facts. We don't truly understand them. We can't, as long as our thinking is tied to a flat-Earth straight counting line. Which means we are not in a position to understand the equations of physics. So although our higher maths may work and give us results, it fails to illuminate us from within to understand the nature of our own thinking, and it remains the least liked subject with the highest fail rate in the world. Something is wrong.

The philosophy and theory behind modern maths is wrong.

Correcting it will mean one will look upon other subjects differently. There is a lateral spread. One of the largest problems we have today is our economic system. Marx identified the working class as the downtrodden class. We would tend to look at a circular system, with male workers (in the main) running production inside factories producing valuable commodities (meaning they now are worth something!) out of raw materials, with an equally balanced system on the other side with the mother in the home using those end-product commodities as their raw materials, and producing as their end product the male (and female) workers in society. Slavery means working for nothing. The mother in the home is the modern "slave". The economics system fails to recognise her part in the work of creating useful goods in society. Until her work is recognised and given value humanity will continue to suffer from "mental issues" because the first and universal relationship is with the mother, and it sets the pattern for all to follow. If this is disturbed (and you can read how this occurs in the BIRTH book) we are ensuring ongoing problems. Seeing circularity in math one looks for it elsewhere. The economic system is working badly because it fails to recognise the input of half the labour force - the mothers of the world.

So you can see that a change in philosophy leads to a change in maths, a change in one's perspective or approach to the world, a change in science and a change within oneself!

I hope this gives you some idea of why I am producing this material and putting it out free of charge. Thank you for reading, please feel free to contact me by email if you wish.


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